Faculty & Staff Travel Checklist

The checklist below will help faculty and staff prepare for research or business-related travel abroad.

1. Before you commit to your travel plans (purchase a ticket, set meetings, etc.).

new Review the university policies on international travel.
warning Review the U.S. Department of State destination travel advisory.
megaphone Review/consult Export Control, in addition to information on managing foreign influence.
lifebuoy Consider your well-being (phsyical and mental health) and make a plan.
info with circle For long-term travel, review/consult with the Office of Treasury Operations.

2. Prior to departure (at least one month before travel).

shield Enroll in international insurance (required) and sign up for Teledoc services.
browser Review IT security tips: download the university VPN or take a "loaner" computer.
laptop Insure university computers and special equipment.
compass Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).
open book Review general safety tips.
credit card Review OBFS travel information, particularly for reimbursement.

Download the Checklist (PDF)