Remote Insurance Resources

Contact 24/7 Travel Assistance by calling the numbers below. Assistance includes finding and arranging payment for medical care, medical and security evacuation, and other fee-based services.

Teledoc Services by Doctor Please!

If this is a life, limb, eyesight or other significant emergency, Think Local First.

For a non-life-threatening sickness, injury or infection, you can contact a doctor 24/7 using Doctor Please!, a feature of our international insurance.

Doctor Please! provides multilingual (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French) teleconsulutation services and appointments on your schedule. Before you travel, download and register for the Doctor Please! app for easy access while abroad.

How to Access

  1. Call Gallagher Global Assistance by calling 1-312-935-9242 (direct) or 1-866-693-6873 (toll free).
  2. Tell them you are part of the University of Illinois and provide your policy number.
  3. Let them know that you need the activation code for the Doctor Please! app. This is a unique code for each individual.
  4. Visit the Google Play or App Store to download the Doctor Please! app. For more information, please review this step-by-step guide for students or faculty and staff.
  5. Register and enter your access code.
  6. Familiarize yourself with the app and, if needed, request a video or call back and you will receive an email with booking details.

Remote Mental Health Services

Maintaining good mental health is an important aspect of a successful international experience. For assistance while abroad, you can connect with U.S.-based specialists. Services are limited to counseling. The counselor can recommend long-term care via phone or arrange for local care.

These services can be accessed 24/7 by calling the numbers below and providing the corresponding policy number:

  • Students: GLM N10893392
  • Faculty/Staff: GLM N14287310

1-866-693-6873 (from outside the US)

1-312-935-9242 (from inside the US)