Study Abroad

The university values the study abroad experience, and university staff have been exploring opportunities for resuming study abroad. Students should review the latest updates on resumption of study abroad below.

Spring 2022 Update

The university is evaluating specific programs to resume for the Spring 2022 semester. The university recognizes the invaluable role study abroad plays in your academic experience and is doing everything we can to resume study abroad in a safe manner. Find answers to frequently asked questions.

For Spring 2022, the university added an important step to the study abroad application process: the “COVID-19 Study Abroad Student Assessment and Action Plan.” The assessment is available in student applications in My Study Abroad and is due on or before September 15 (the same day as the study abroad application deadline).

If possible, you should review the assessment prior to your required study abroad advising session to address questions or concerns. If you have already met with your study abroad advisor, you should reach back out if you have questions regarding the questionnaire.

The assessment includes links to partner surveys and other resources in the instructions. These will assist you with the questionnaire. The intent is to inform your understanding of program planning and help you develop response plans for potential disruptions or issues resulting from COVID-19. Your responses will be used with the other requirements you submit to gauge if you are eligible and prepared to study abroad in Spring 2022.

Summer and Fall 2021

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign made the difficult decision to extend the suspension of outbound study abroad through December 2021. This decision applies to all program types (outbound exchange, direct enroll, provider programs, faculty-led, and study abroad by petition). Students that applied for Fall 2021 have been notified of this decision.

The university will not permit any waivers or exceptions for Summer and Fall 2021 study abroad. Participants choosing to study abroad will have no university connection or support, including access to study abroad options through the university, international insurance, and pre-articulation of course credit. University staff will be unable to approve/sign applications for independent programs.